Featuring SofTap® Hand Method

Natural looking and low mainenance!
  • Get up and GO!


  • Flawless expression 24/7!


  • Bring back natural-looking beauty to eyebrows, eyes and lips with natural-looking, long-lasting color.

  • Suitable for all skin colors and types!

  • Subtle eyelash and brow enhancement available for men, too!

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Located in Lexium LLC Suites

next to Stretch Rx


2445 Tampa Road Suite H

Palm Harbor Medical Professional Center

Palm Harbor, FL 34683


Phone: 347.291.4718


Notice: At this crucial time, we are taking extra precautions to ensure your health and safety.

*All services will be performed by an esthetician trained in infection control, wearing safety mask, face shield and protective gloves.

*All items used for the service are single use and disposable, including; bed covering, client draping, hair covering and head band and facial cotton.

*There will be 30 minute clean-up time between clients to thoroughly sanitize.

*Clients are requested to shower prior to appointment if they have been in a public place, visiting a nursing home or other facility.

*All personal items, purses, sweaters, jackets and phones should be locked in your car.

*Clients are required to wear a mask when entering or leaving the premises.

*Payment will be discussed prior and can be made with credit card or personal check.

*Any questions or conversation should take place while client is wearing a mask.

*Talking during the service is discouraged, as it can disperse viral particles into the air.

Your cooperation is paramount to both our safety. Thank you!