SofTap Eyebrows - $400 Special $279!

This is the most popular Permanent Makeup procedure. The exclusive SofTap® hand method will create permanent, natural-looking eyebrows. Whether you just need to "fill in" sparse areas or have lost your brows due to age, illness or injury, you can go soft and natural or be as dramatic as you choose.


Microblade Technique Brows - $279

Enjoy this on-trend style of "semi-permanent" brows, also available in SofTap® method.

Touch-ups may be required from six months up to one year, depending on skin type. Microbladed brows can fade and/or blur due to perspiration and body oils. It is recommended to allow them to fade a bit before touching up to avoid creating a more "solid" look.

(Various factors determine who is/is not a candidate for microblading)

Note: Active outdoor lifestyles, oily skin, medications and other conditions may

require more frequent touchups. Perspiration and skin oils break down pigment faster.


Microblade Technique Touch-ups 

First touch-up is FREE within 6 weeks!

Previous clients only

 - first year only, 6-month color boost $50

 - within one year $100;

 - after one year $150 and up


SofTap Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement (upper eyelids) - $200


SofTap Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement (lower eyelids) - $200


Softap Eyeliner, Upper and lower - $400, Special $279!

Offers a permanent solution to thinning lashes, or simply for a more dramatic appearance. Lash Enhancement procedures involve the technician creating a more natural, fuller look to sparse lashes by gently filling in with pigment close to the hairline. In a Full Eyeliner procedure, the thickness or thinness of the liner is decided upon during a consultation prior to the procedure. Pigment is placed along the lash line to create an appearance much like your regular eyeliner.


Lipline - $400 Special $279!

Improves and balances your natural lip line by filling in sparse areas, can also create the appearance of fuller lips. Choose a color close to your natural lip line, or go for a more dramatic look. SofTap® colors offer clients many options for a customized look.


Full Lip Pigmentation - $399 Special $349!

Two touch-ups are normally required within six months for Full Lips to take. May require more; results vary.

This service includes consultation to decide upon the right shape and color for the look you want to achieve. First, define to enhance the lip line, then fill in with a color to compliment your natural skin-tones, or go for a more dramatic look. It's totally up to you! (Additional touchups may be required to achieve the desired effect.

Clients who have had cold sores in the past must take anti-viral medication for 7 days prior and after.)


SofTap Method Touch-ups

I believe in keeping touch-ups affordable! Any procedure will have differing results on different clients. The variables include age and skin condition, color of skin - light skin is more resistant to pigment and may require more frequent touch-ups. 

Please note: Clients having had previous permanent makeup, or laser treatments to remove permanent makeup, or specific surgeries may have scar tissue requiring additional touch-ups, which will be at their own expense.

Regular touch-up prices for previous customers are as follows:

  • within six months of paid service first year only- $50 per area

  • within one year of paid service - $100 per area

  • after one year of original service, $150 per area

  • after two years of original service, $200 and up


Any additional "spot" touch-up following a paid touch-up procedure will incur a fee of $25 for materials.


Clients having previous procedures elsewhere that may require color correction will pay additional $50 per area per procedure.

Patch test (to determine allergic reaction or color uptake on clients with previous procedures) - $25

Please note: Clients having previously undergone Permanent Makeup procedures may require color correction to lighten dark brows or correct blue, grey or greenish tones. This may require implanting a solution to "lift" the color, which will scab over and remove some of the pigment. Or, a neutralizing color may be applied over the old color. Color correction will be done at $50 per session. Permanent Makeup is not a science. Everyone takes color differently and heals differently. Results will vary from client to client and are not guaranteed.

*Discounts and special pricing available for multiple areas.

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