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What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is the process of implanting pigment (composed of glycerine, iron  oxide and sometimes carmine or other organic matter) beneath the skin. It can be done through the use of several types of tattoo machines or with a hand implement, which gently etches the pigment into the skin.


Is it really permanent?

Permanent makeup is considered "permanent" because the iron oxides that are implanted in the skin remain for perpetuity. You must therefore inform the technician if you undergo an MRI. However, cosmetic pigments are not like the tattoo inks of old. Therefore, they need to be maintained occasionally for optimal results--usually once yearly. Some of the  color can be rejected by the body (especially after the initial treatment, that is why a touchup 30 days after is mandated). Certain skin types, especially those with very light pigment, do not hold pigment well and may require additional and more frequent touch-ups. Makeup removers, creams, lotions, AHAs, the sun, and perspiration all can break down the pigment in time. The up side is the possibility that the style and color can be altered. 


Who can benefit from having permanent makeup?

Just about anyone over the age of 18 who is in good health. Women or men who have sparse brows or eyelashes, uneven lips, or feel their beauty has "faded" over the years can benefit from having permanent makeup. Poor vision, arthritis, allergies to regular makeup can all contribute to the decision to "go permanent."


Is it painful?

An anesthetic is applied for about 15 minutes prior to the treatment to numb the skin. An additional anesthetic containing an analgesic is applied after the skin is broken to control swelling. Some people are more sensitive than others. Weather, medications and menstruation can all effect sensitivity.


Is it sanitary?

All needles and any items that touch the skin are one-use only and completely disposable. Needles are NEVER reused!  Pigment cups are also disposable. All surfaces are disinfected as required by the Health Department standards for licensing.


Are there any other health issues I should be concerned about?

If you are on daily blood thinners or an aspirin regimen, they can cause excessive bleeding and you could lose color. If possible, skip the day before and day of procedure, but check with your doctor first. If you have had herpes infection of the eye, you probably should not have the procedure. If you are prone to cold sores around the mouth, you must take medication like Valtrex for 5 days prior and after the procedure. Clients who have had previous procedures may have some scarring and require a number of treatments for the color to take. A consultation will determine whether or not you are a good candidate.


What are "hairstrokes"?

Hairstrokes (microblading, embroidery, etc.) is a very popular procedure that involves cutting, tapping or drawing individual hairstrokes to simulate natural brow growth. The most natural look in permanent eyebrows, however these "strokes" can occasionally "swell" with heat and skin oils and can quickly fade. There are also spaces in between that some clients may not like, and who may prefer more of a filled-in effect.  My own style is more of an "etched" effect. I prefer to do a "soft fill" on the first treatment, then apply apply additional hairstrokes on the first touchup to achieve a "3D effect". Additional touchups may be required to achieve the desired result, which are at the client's expense. 


Which method is best?

Clients are encouraged to interview other specialists to find the one who will work best with them. Machines tend to make a more defined line, which can sometimes look somewhat unnatural. The hand method is more gentle, involves no noise and can be very relaxing. No two people heal the same or take color the same. Color can fade with either system.

*Permanent Makeup services require attention and focus. After all, it  is your face we are working on! Clients are kindly requested to refrain from talking during the procedure. Facial muscle movement  may cause uneven results.




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